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Attract and Retain Top Talent

Be a company that embodies its vision through its actions. With an employee centered Social Responsibility program attract millennial talent. 

InvolveSoft ensures that each of your company’s employees feel the platform was made just for them. With 77% of millennials that would rather use their skills or expertise to volunteer for a cause, we personalize the opportunities in the area based on what they are most passionate about.

Let InvolveSoft create your winning team culture!

Increase Employee Retention with Workplace Giving

Improve turnover rates by up to 50% with a comprehensive social responsibility program (ROI Project).

InvolveSoft connects corporate clients with relevant nonprofit organizations, allowing them to better craft social responsibility strategies and more efficiently engage employees.

Offering employees a unique solution that can engage them up to 7.5% more. The platform pairs employees with fun, hyper-personalized opportunities based on causes and skills of interest. Leverage this momentum to increase your company’s productivity up to 13%.

Real time insights of all Donations and Volunteering

With InvolveSoft you can stay organized by tracking employee analytics, view hundreds of nonprofit opportunities that best fit your company vision, and donate to over 1.6 million charities at the touch of your fingertips. 

Use our innovative platform to automate communication, feedback and report generation. 

Be a good corporate citizen

86% of employees believe that its important their employer is socially and environmentally responsible. InvolveSoft enables corporations and employees to create lasting partnerships with local non-profit organizations.

“Connect & Impact” your community while seamlessly enhancing customer loyalty and brand image.

“We love using Involve for team building while doing good. We have seen 100% participation from our employees on the platform to come together and give back to their favorite causes.” – Stacey Walker, Mogl
Be one with the community

You and your company are an integral part of bringing about change in the community around you. But companies lack the time and resources required to make a real impact. InvolveSoft was made keeping these blocking factors in mind, so that you and your employees can bring about a change you can feel proud about.


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