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Company alignment for your dispersed workforce

Connect to your mobile workforce with an all-in-one and easy-to-use platform.

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Revolutionize the way you align your mobile workforce

  • Communicate

    Easy to share company news, goals, events, employee stories and knowledge across mobile, and desktop devices.

  • Collaborate

    Collaborate effortlessly relevant content for specific cohorts and communities.

  • Integrate

    Seamlessly integrate with your existing intranet, collaboration platforms, and business applications.

  • Measure

    Collect AI-driven bottoms up intelligence from multiple channels.

What Our Customers Think

"InvolveSoft makes it significantly easier to get insights around the volumes of conversations we have. There was no other way to process this or our data, and be able to slice and dice it by region and other attributes without hiring more analysts. As a CEO, I can easily communicate with my entire workforce and visualize what's happening in the field on a real-time basis."
Sr. Director of Customer Engagement
"Overall, I am thrilled that a program like this exists! I love the 'social media' look and several opportunities for employee experience. The communities keep us very organized and prevent flooding of irrelevant news. People seem more aligned with news and data on the fingertips."
“Can’t believe we were using Sharepoint before. Our team couldn’t find anything & hated the UI. Mobile element makes it easy to find information & stories. Event participation has gone up. Weekly reports keeps us updated with customer experience, market trends & staff response.”
VP-Growth & Development
"I love the reminder emails and the follow-up emails after an event. We are experiencing great follow-through from our employees. The InvolveSoft team is very flexible, willing to help and take on new suggestions to improve."

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