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Our CEO, Gaurav Bhattacharya has humble beginnings. After losing his father at the young age of two, it was a volunteering outreach program that gave him a chance at education. He got a chance to go to high school where he met his current co-founder and they started their first company. Knowing that a company’s efforts to volunteer in the community made such a huge impact in his life, Gaurav set out to help companies create more of such life changing experiences.
The InvolveSoft Crew is just as passionate about giving back to the community as Gaurav. Drawing on their own powerful experiences, the team is passionate about causes like health and medicine, women empowerment, justice and many others. Together, they have a vision to be able to make a positive social impact in the world.
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Gaurav Bhattacharya

CEO | Team Cheerleader

I rock at team building
I’m passionate about Education & Literacy

Saumya Bhatnagar

CTO | Affogato Gato

I rock at coding
I’m passionate about Women Empowerment

Mark Hellinger

CRO | Shaken, not stirred

I rock at connecting the dots
I’m passionate about teaching others

Paul Arambul Jr

Director, Business Development | Dieting

I rock at mentoring
I’m passionate about Eradicating Cancer

Hardika Narula

Analyst, Business Development | Wine enthusiast

I rock at developing strategies
I'm passionate about feeding the homeless

Melissa Mills

Director of Product | Lifelong learner

I rock at removing roadblocks
I'm passionate about the National Parks

David Reeve

Marketing | Multi-tasker

I rock at all things visual
I'm passionate about ending pediatric cancer and volunteering

Kalyn Fetta

Customer Success Manager | Taco Connoisseur

I rock at collaborating and teaching
I'm passionate about building better communities

Susy Pang

Employee Success Manager | Matchmaker

I rock at Retention
I'm passionate about Food, Travel, and Wine

Joe Rosenbaum

MDR | Bad movie buff

I rock at building relationships
I'm passionate about poverty eradication

Monica Ho

CSR | Island Native

I rock at identifying opportunities
I’m passionate about environmental stewardship

Leyla Rezvani

Account Executive | Cat Afficianado

I rock at connecting moving parts
I'm passionate about empowering young girls and women

Justin Sra

Account Executive | Cold Brew Connoisseur

I rock at listening
I'm passionate about mental health

Remco Semaun

Senior UX / UI Designer | Ideationist

I rock and roll in design
I'm passionate about diversity and inclusion