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  • Top-Down Communications

    You can now send company-wide announcements through email, text, and platform from a single place; track immediate views and feedback on all announcements.

  • Outreach

    Easy top-down outreach in the form of easy pinned announcements, text notifications and offline engagement opportunities.

  • Relevance

    Provide your employees with content relevant to them. Add strategic gamification to encourage and reinforce positive behaviors.


  • Impactful Communication

    Improve knowledge sharing by streamlining communication with scaled outreach and targeted messaging to key groups.

  • Actionable Insights

    Easy to read reports and stats that leadership use to make effective decisions and changes.

  • Reduce Employee Turnover

    Effectively capture the pulse of employees while consistently seeing an improvement of retention.

Product Features

Create workplace communities across locations, event types and employee types. Quickly get a birds-eye view of all engagement initiatives across the organization.
Enable top-down communications by way of announcements, emails, newsletters and more. Receive employee feedback through comments, surveys, and an activity feed.
Event Management
A central hub to organize initiatives and increase participation. Efficiently manage RSVP's, waitlists and calendaring.
Insights and Reporting
Get easy insights on all engagement events, across different communities and departments.
Communication and Outreach
Streamline communication and outreach for all initiatives in one place. Enable employees to collaborate in a central spot.
Find locally-sourced events in your community that benefit your regional communities and employees that align to your company vision.

Customer Stories

We help leaders more successfully communicate with a dispersed workforce & receive AI-driven real-time insights on sales, customers, & market trends.

"Constant communication is a must! As the event approaches, sending reminder emails to employees through the InvolveSoft's Instagram-like platform was simple."

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“Save time. Managers don’t always have the time to plan the logistics of an activity. With InvolveSoft, upload an event and let the advanced AI technology do the rest.”

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