CSR Metrics To Surpass Your Impact Goals






CSR metrics beyond the spreadsheet

Your organization is unique. You have your own unique team culture, goals and people which make your organization so great. You need to be able to know what CSR metrics relate to your employee engagement program and which ones are worth reconsidering. In order to be able to determine success for your specific organization, you need your own unique CSR metrics.

InvolveSoft provides specific CSR metrics about every aspect of your employee engagement program so that you can focus on making your organization bigger, better and more productive. InvolveSoft understands that every organization is unique, and provides every organization the key CSR metrics they specifically need to be able to perform better.

Set goals and track progress

InvolveSoft helps you set up achievable goals for your organization catered to your specific needs, helping you keep track of your progress throughout the year. Our proprietary predictive analytics gives you suggestions about how to achieve your volunteering and charitable donations goals with ease.

InvolveSoft is committed to helping the HR team and organization executives know exactly how to achieve their giving goals in the best way possible to reap the maximum benefit or your volunteering efforts.

Know what your employees really want

InvolveSoft wants to make sure that no opinion goes unheard so that you can maximize employee engagement and productiveness while also reducing the amount of manual labor. InvolveSoft’s proprietary algorithm personalizes all volunteering opportunities shown to you based on each of your employees particular volunteering taste. All you have to do is choose from numerous volunteering opportunities available in our database. Give your employees the chance to pick their favorite volunteering opportunity based on location, professional skill set, and numerous other options to choose from.  

Monitor what your employees really want

We know how hard it is to manage, optimize, and automate all employee volunteering efforts manually through spreadsheet reporting. InvolveSoft gives you direct access to more than 1.6 million charities available to you and your employees to donate and participate with a click of a button. Having a specific employee spend countless hours collecting all CSR metrics manually is a thing of the past. InvolveSoft’s seamless platform design centralizes all your efforts in a single dashboard, reducing your manual efforts to the bare minimum.

Build your CSR metrics report

InvolveSoft’s platform enables you to narrate and quantify your company’s CSR reporting in terms of charity and volunteering, allowing you to easily portray your social efforts as a brand to further enhance customer loyalty and the brand recognition your company truly deserves.