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Why CSR is not an option but a requirement in today’s economy

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There is a rampant increase in disengaged employees in today’s work environment. According to a study by Gallup, 70% of the employees are not engaged at work. With this problem increasing annually in the American corporations; an easy solution is a pressing need – Employee community engagement. Not only does employee community engagement tie into an increase of employee productivity by up to 202% according to a study by, but also helps in employee retention, recruitment, pride in the company and team building. An employee community engagement strategy will also impact your company’s reputation and press coverage as a socially responsible brand, which increases customer loyalty. So, do you think archaic spreadsheets with ancient data will help you to achieve all the goodness corporate social responsibility has to offer?

InvolveSoft gives Human Resources professionals, CSR managers and company executives all the tools they need for having a successful employee community engagement program; be it through volunteering or charitable donations. We highlight all real time key metrics specific to your organization so that you are able to reap the benefits of being a socially responsible organization.