Employee Engagement Initiatives For The Workplace






Leveraging employee engagement initiatives

Did you know that about 70% of the employees are not engaged at work (Gallup). With this problem increasing annually in American corporations, an easy solution is a pressing need – developing employee engagement initiatives. Not only does employee community engagement tie into the increase of employee productivity by 202% (Good.co), but also helps in employee retention, recruitment, company morale and team culture.

InvolveSoft gives Human Resources professionals, CSR managers and company executives all the tools they need to create successful employee engagement initiatives.We highlight all the real-time metrics specific to your organization so that you are able to reap the benefits of being a socially responsible organization.

Know your Strategy

Strategizing is an integral component to get engagement program that resonates with your employees, consumers and your company brand. InvolveSoft provides you the right suggestions about how to steer your employee engagement initiatives in the right direction using powerful market data and your employee specifics. You can further customize it to your company’s need to have the most impact.

Know what team really wants

InvolveSoft makes sure that you know what opportunities your employees would like to engage in. We cut down on time spent to discover these initiatives while optimizing turnout results. Our one-of-a-kind dashboard is your one stop shop to include your team in the decision making process and building a culture.

Know your impact

Defining employee engagement initiatives and community impact strategies can be very difficult without the right tools to measure success. InvolveSoft understands your need for making data driven decisions, and it helps you quantify every aspect of your community interaction to give you a holistic picture of where your team stands and defines further room for improvement.

Our proprietary “Impact Score” gives you a quantified picture of the impact your company leverages.

Employee engagement initiatives through personalization

The best way to engage an employee is to build a network. With InvolveSoft’s interactive features, not only can your employees see what the others are doing and be motivated to engage with the community, but we can also promote healthy competition between teams in your company. Enable your team to acquire new skills and increase their productivity.