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How to get started

Volunteering enhances employee satisfaction leading to higher retention & recruitment, and enhances brand reputation. Harvard Business Review, Forbes and Fortune all rate employee volunteering as the best HR benefit in companies.

We provide opportunities which employees feel connected with and want to contribute passionately towards. Through these events and opportunities, employees find a platform to connect with one another for a common cause, and get more deeply involved.

We have research from top universities and case studies from our own clients that show employee volunteering programs having a strong financial impact on their company’s finances. InvolveSoft is a very cost effective tool that helps increase your revenues, lowers employee recruiting costs and improves employee engagement.

According to our clients and many industry studies, volunteering initiatives improve employee engagement, retention and overall culture. With InvolveSoft, you can be up and running in no time and start seeing the benefits right away.

InvolveSoft allows for individual, regional, national and global offices to use the platform. It is a fast and simple way to find opportunities no matter where you are at in the world at the touch of a button.

Why InvolveSoft

With InvolveSoft’s subscription you purchase the platform and its features, customer success team, marketing support, IT support and volunteering services.

15 minutes or less. Get started with 3 easy steps. 1. Chose your causes and skills 2. Select your locations 3. Onboard employees. We do the heavy lifting with no work on your end.

We have volume discounts for over 1000 employees and discounts for three year agreements.

We offer single-sign on and configurable integrations for a seamless experience.

InvolveSoft works on any mobile device as a beautiful webapp, so you don’t need to download anything to your phone or tablet.

InvolveSoft is a global platform that supports employees wherever they live.

InvolveSoft helps build more connections between employees. Remote workers will feel more integrated with the company’s culture by sharing their experiences and seeing what others are doing in all of your locations. We are ideal for remote workers, who want to give back but are not able to attend events near company offices.

Our opportunities are personalized for your employees, allowing them the flexibility to select causes of their interests and passions. Next, there is a simple and straightforward process to record volunteer hours. In addition, all non-profits are vetted so you don’t have to do the work. And finally, InvolveSoft can be integrated with your existing platforms. In summary, we automate the entire volunteering process for your organization.

We’re more than a few established partnerships. Your employees are important, and so are their passions. We provide thousands of opportunities to enable your employees to connect with and contribute to causes they feel passionately about, be it helping Hurricane survivors, spending time with cancer survivors, or doing something great for underprivileged kids in their community. We do the work, you reap the results!

InvolveSoft personalizes events for individual employees and teams, and organizes the events for you. It is a platform that helps companies connect to their community and share the experiences. Other volunteering software programs keep track of some data, but don’t have the ability to do what we do. We give your employees choice and give you back your time.

General Platform Questions

InvolveSoft strictly has no political affiliations.

Yes, we have opportunities on a national level.