Frequently Asked Questions




Here are some of the most popular questions and inquiries from our fans and customers



Attracting and recruiting young talent has been a vital tool in determining a company’s success. With the recent flow of young millennial talent, it is important for corporations to match the needs and wants of their employees. Start creating a strong bond with your employees to better improve your overall workplace.

Do I need to download anything to use InvolveSoft?

InvolveSoft makes employee engagement a click of a button away. We allow easy sign up for your team, so that your precious time is saved and you’re provided the best end to end CSR solution experience.

How fast can I onboard my employees?

A two click onboarding process where you can easily get all your employees logged into the platform and incentivize them to begin their journey through community engagement.

What about security? Is it safe?

Once you get all your employees on the platform, you’re good to go! Find thousands of opportunities personalized only for you. 

How long is the membership?

InvolveSoft has annual contracts with its clients.

Any specific requirements?

We are more than happy to add tailor made requirements for your company. Our aim is for you to have an immensely successful employee engagement program.