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'Instanet' on the go

Mobile friendly, Instagram like interface to promote top-down outreach and bottom-up feedback.

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Easy top down outreach in the form of easy pinned announcements, text notifications and offline engagement opportunities.



Provide your employees with content relevant to them. Add strategic gamification to encourage ad reinforce positive behaviors.



Increase Employee NPS
Effectively capture the pulse of their employees while consistently seeing and improvement in employee NPS
Easy communication
Streamline communication through scaled outreach and targeted messaging to key groups.
Detailed Insights
Reporting and insights to enhance for more effective communication and outreach.

Customer Stories

See examples of InvolveSoft playing a key role in streamlining workplace alignment with the mission and vision of the company

"This is a fantastic event to attend, as a golfer or as a volunteer. Great opportunity for employees to mingle and discover how wonderful their co-workers, business vendors/partners are in a non-business environment."

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“I’ve seen first-hand how volunteerism can increase employee engagement at three different companies, and I’ve seen how it positively impacts employees’ lives.”

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