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Intranet on the go

The mobile intranet to help leaders more successfully communicate with a dispersed workforce

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Easy top down outreach in the form of easy pinned announcements, text notifications and offline engagement opportunities.



Provide your employees with content relevant to them. Add strategic gamification to encourage and reinforce positive behaviors.



You can’t possibly read all of your sales & customer conversations. Often, the most actionable insights are hidden deep in open text responses. Valuable data is buried in your company’s key tools like Slack, SharePoint, Outlook, email, social media, surveys and more. Involve integrates with these tools, both private or public SaaS platforms.


Analyzing data is painful. And at scale? It’s impossible. Involve has the power of a team of analysts to make sense of it for you. Powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning allow us to discover patterns and trends. We instantly analyze open text so you can understand what, in your customers and employees own words, matters most.

Take Action

Involve automatically updates reports and dashboards for frontline employees, giving them the insights across all quantitative and qualitative data to make changes in the moment. Some insights we provide include: top customer objections, sales frictions and solutions, new/missed opportunities, best new actions for managers, industry trends and much more! We monitor key topics over time so that leaders can resolve issues before they become “hot” or painful.


Increase Employee NPS
Effectively capture the pulse of their employees while consistently seeing and improvement in employee NPS
Easy communication
Streamline communication through scaled outreach and targeted messaging to key groups.
Detailed Insights
Reporting and insights to enhance for more effective communication and outreach.

Customer Stories

We help leaders more successfully communicate with a dispersed workforce & receive AI-driven real-time insights on sales, customers, & market trends.

"Constant communication is a must! As the event approaches, sending reminder emails to employees through the Involve's Instagram-like platform was simple."

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“Save time. Managers don’t always have the time to plan the logistics of an activity. With Involve, upload an event and let the advanced AI technology do the rest.”

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