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Capture profound insights and reports on your employees and their engagement. Slice and dice the numbers to analyze your company's needs.

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Enhance employee outreach and drive more fulfilling employee participation. Engage employees with your company culture and values through pictures, social media, comments, and other metrics!



Organize your events with ease. Choose from hundreds of opportunities on the InvolveSoft platform, or create your own. Streamline the process and efficiently manage communication, participation, and cross-office and cross-functional collaboration.



Increased Employee Participation
Drive employee participation and
engagement through community events and
Easy communication
Improve culture and engagement in
employees by broadcasting event success
stories within the organization.
Detailed Insights
Tallied reporting and insights to plug into
existing internal reports and summarized

Customer Stories

"This is a fantastic event to attend, as a golfer or as a volunteer. Great opportunity for employees to mingle and discover how wonderful their co-workers, business vendors/partners are in a non-business environment."

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“I’ve seen first-hand how volunteerism can increase employee engagement at three different companies, and I’ve seen how it positively impacts employees’ lives.”

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