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Key Challenges

  • Don't know where to begin?

    There is a lot of information out there, CRM/sales data/chat and much more! All of this data is incredibly difficult to navigate through.

  • Overwhelmed by data?

    Having too much data can make finding valuable insights feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

  • Misguided decisions

    Data is often not actionable therefore, decisions rely too heavily on anecdotes and general feedback.

Make Business Decisions with Data

  • Streamline Data

    We work across multiple data sets in order to connect-the-dots and find key insights to help you in making good business decisions.

  • Summarized Insights

    We use AI and Machine Learning to streamline mass amounts of data into clean, actionable insights to help in verifying your business decisions.


Sales Intelligence
You can't possibly read all your sales conversations. Involve's AI can. Uncover top customer objections, friction points in the entire sales cycle, and understand why deals are closing or not closing.
Customer Experience
Stop reacting and start predicting customer churn. With powerful algorithms to map and measure the entire customer experience. Learn what drives customer expansion and what drives customer churn in real-time.
Market Trends
Learn where the market is headed — everything from game-changing industry insights to personalized marketing campaign suggestions at regional levels. We monitor millions of data points and compare them with other companies in your industry to always keep you ahead of the competition.
Reduce Employee Turnover
Hear what is being discussed so you can impact employee satisfaction and retention. You no longer have to wait for the quarterly or annual survey to understand employee sentiment.
Align Strategy & Execution
Understand how employees are aligned with the mission and vision of the company to improve performance and execution. Get continuous feedback with personalized dashboards so leadership can focus on where help is needed to meet company goals.
Optimize Change Management
Identify where your existing processes are breaking and optimize new processes you are implementing. Change management is a concern for every organization, whether it is deploying a new IT system, mergers, and acquisitions, or growth challenges.


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