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"Thank you for organizing last week’s volunteer visit to St. Francis House! Please pass along my thanks to everyone who came for their help. Your team prepared food that fed 1,018 meals, distributed clothing to 20+ individuals, and processed donations that will go to clothe many more."

“The DBR volunteers were so fun and had great energy with each other! They weren’t hesitant at all to get to work in the warehouse on our designated task. It’s always great when volunteers have good teamwork it helps get so much done during a small time period. We appreciate that DBR was really dedicated to our mission at Little Essentials! “

“Working with Monica Ho at InvolveSoft was a “game changer” -- totally and absolutely. Thanks to InvolveSoft’s support in getting quality volunteers, we can increase the impact of our work, and have volunteers understand and feel good about how they are contributing to society!”