Building A Culture Of Social Corporate Responsibility




Showcasing your social corporate responsibility story

You’ve now got the data backing your incredible charitable and volunteering culture, you have happy and productive employees. Now is the time to bring the same enthusiasm to your customers and celebrate your social corporate responsibility success story. At InvolveSoft, we understand that an employee engagement strategy is not just for employees, it should make its way to your customers as well.

InvolveSoft keeps in mind that a great organization is made through both, engaged employees and customers as well. Identify what charities are your customers most passionate about and have your employees do volunteering work for them has never been easier. Our platform was designed to help in the quantification of information and reporting regarding your social corporate responsibility efforts, to then share your success stories to your audience.

See every employee’s unique story

Every employee has their own perspective and their own performance report about every charitable opportunity they take part in. We know managers are always inquisitive to know and share their team’s social corporate responsibility success stories as well. InvolveSoft makes curation and sharing of everyone’s success easy and enjoyable.

Involve the company in your social corporate responsibility journey

Your organization’s employees are the torchbearers for your company’s reputation as a socially responsible brand. Why not let them make a mark? At InvolveSoft, we engage your company’s team as the storytellers of your amazing and fulfilling journey of social corporate responsibility.

Get impact on your fingertips

InvolveSoft showcases every success in terms of social corporate responsibility, be it with employees, customers or the community, all within a click of a button. Corporate social responsibility reporting will never be a chore again. With InvolveSoft, doing last minute data compilation, taking great pains to measure the impact and not being able to compare engagement and performance over the years is a thing of the past.

Are you ready to take corporate social responsibility to the next level?