The InvolveSoft Team behind it all



About Us

Teamwork makes the dream work

InvolveSoft is composed of a motivated team, driven by confident people. Each with a deep personal motivation of bringing about a change in the community. Our #1 focus is making the employees of corporate America into happier and more productive individuals. The InvolveSoft team aims to deliver the best and most dynamic employment engagement model to you at the click of a button.


Gaurav Bhattacharya


Team Cheerleader

I rock at Team Building
I’m passionate about Education & Literacy


Saumya Bhatnagar

Computer Systems Architect

Uses coffee + ice cream combo to code

I rock at Coding
I’m passionate about Women Empowerment


Gautam Bhattacharya


The Innovator

I rock at Project Management
I’m passionate about Children & Youth 

jon rosen involvesoft

Jon Rosen


Starts the day with three Cuban Coffees

Natural strategist
Win-win achiever


Paul Arambul Jr

Head of Business Development

Currently on a “diet”

I rock at Mentoring
I’m passionate about Eradicating Cancer


Gilberto Valzania

Head of Growth

Omelette Connoisseur

I rock at Creative Insight
I’m passionate about Animals


Omid Ghiam

Digital Marketer

Content Architect

I rock at Digital Creativity
I’m passionate about Social Innovation


Phil Sprawls

Product Manager

The knowledge  

Philanthropy super hero
Turning opportunities into reality

yan involvesoft

Yan Liu

Brand Manager

Strategy & Agility

I rock at Finance
I’m passionate about Disaster Relief