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Where to volunteer for Hurricane Harvey victims in and around Houston?

Where parts of Texas are devastated by one of the costliest natural disasters in history, many opportunities have come to the front to volunteer for Hurricane Harvey relief.

Food, shelter, medicines, personal hygiene items and other goods and services are needed to help tide over the victims until they get to rebuild their lives.

With so many organizations doing fabulous work in supporting the victims, and all of them needing help, how does one choose where to offer help and volunteer for Hurricane Harvey victims’ rehabilitation?

Go online.

A lot of organizations have web pages dedicated to appeals for donations and volunteers. However, if you don’t want to go down the Food & Diaper Banks route, or have time to volunteer elsewhere as well, then check out volunteerhouston.org which matches volunteers with their passion. Here, you can find places that need help in cleanup operations around the affected areas or find charities that need help in organization donations into boxes that can be handed out to victims. You can also volunteer to provide mental health services.

If you have space in your home, you can list your house on this Texas Welcomes You In Facebook page. With #harveyhosts, you can list your accommodation to match someone looking for space.

Look up known charities like Save The Children, American Red Cross, the Salvation Army and others. Then there is the Cajun Army, which is a group of people “ready to do the work on the ground.” Eight Days of Hope is a charity asking for volunteers to help rebuild homes.

These and so many other organizations have web pages and Facebook groups dedicated to asking for and providing help in the reconstruction of lives. You just need to spend just a few minutes online, and you’ll find more than enough opportunities to volunteer for Hurricane Harvey victims.

Go door-to-door:

Are you in the Houston area? You could always just walk around an affected neighborhood and ask the residents if they need any help. If there seems to be a trust issue, you could always offer to help clear up the outside of the home. Removing debris, trimming trees and washing muck off the driveway are all things you can do to help Hurricane Harvey affectees.

Schools and old homes will be happy to see you and will have a lot of work ready to be tackled if you stop by to volunteer for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts going on there.

It doesn’t matter what your expertise, or lack of, is in disaster relief. Every little bit volunteered or donated is bound to make a much-needed difference in a victim’s life.

From cooking and serving to pack and distributing, from clearing up homes to taking care of babies or older people, running an errand, providing legal and medical advice and counseling, there is something for everyone.

If you’re more of an animal person, there are plenty of opportunities for you to volunteer for Hurricane Harvey’s four-legged victims. Read our blog on the work San Antonio Humane Society is doing.



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