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What Are Some Volunteering Opportunities in Houston?

Volunteering has always played a significant role in American society and at no time does this become clearer than when disaster strikes. The coming together of random strangers to help others in need is heart-warming and what makes America great. Volunteering opportunities in Houston are many these days. From people volunteering to feed the affected, to supplying clothes and other necessities and going all the way up the rehabilitation, there is a lot of volunteer activity going on.

However, many organizations are going all-out to help even on days when no disaster has struck.

We have compiled a list of organizations looking for volunteers to help victims of Hurricane Harvey, but also included those who are in need of unpaid human resources around the year.

While many, many organizations are doing a brilliant job and offering fantastic volunteering opportunities, we have tried to pick a mixed bag of volunteering opportunities in Houston, and those interested can pick one that suits their talent, passion, and schedule.

Reach Out Worldwide

This organization needs strong-bodied people help tear down the ruined portions of flood-damaged houses. Requiring a full day’s work from the volunteers, the group makes it clear that this is hard, physical work and not for everybody. Considering the state of some neighborhoods, this is one of the most important volunteering opportunities in Houston.

Where Help Originates

This organization has set p a city-wide distribution center goods. At this center, they collect sort and distribute donated goods to the needy community. They have shifts available for the willing to unload trucks. Volunteers should be 18 years and above.

Houston Pets Alive!

This animal welfare organization has set up temporary shelters to take in animals displaced by the floods and is looking for volunteers in Houston to take care of these animals, to see to associated paperwork and coordination between different volunteers.

Recipe For Success:

Recipe for Success is an on-going program aiming to combat childhood obesity by getting to understand the food they eat. They involve school children from pre-K to Grade 8 in helping take food from the garden to the plate, and also to introduce them to the business of food. They need volunteers for in-school and after-school programs, as well as for special events and their Hope Farms. They have so many volunteering opportunities in Houston; you’re to find something that suits you.

Community Works CDC:

This organization is working to help and support single mothers, at-risk youth and offers prison and reentry services. They have a variety of volunteer opportunities to help the vulnerable population of northeast Houston.

Multicultural Education and Counseling Through the Arts

MECA is a community-based not-for-profit organization that helps disadvantaged youth and adults through art, academic and community building programs among others. They need volunteers for mentoring, tutoring and to help out at special events and fundraisers.

Volunteering opportunities

Japhet Creek

Japhet Creek is one of the “long-lasting effects” volunteering opportunities in Houston. Japhet Creek is a tributary of the Buffalo Bayou, and from the 1920s through to the 1960s, it was used a dumping ground for all kinds of organic and inorganic waste materials. Conservation efforts from 1964 till 2004 led to an improved eco-system around the creek and today; many volunteers are working tirelessly to clean the waters of the creek and the land surrounding it. The Japhet Creek volunteer program involves not just cleanup of the water and land, but also the removal of invasive plants and planting of native flora.


You can also check out our link to other volunteering opportunities in Houston, and contact us to get your entire company involved!


Reach Out Worldwide

Where Help Originates

Houston Pets Alive!

Recipe for Success

Community Works CDC


Japhet Creek

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